Installing IntenseDebate Comments in Blogger

Intense Debate for BloggerIntenseDebate is feature-rich comment system which can be used in place of the default Blogger commenting system. The Blogger’s commenting system is improving by the day with features like Threaded Comments being introduced but still it lacks some features that are inherent in many other commenting systems available across the net. In this tutorial we will seeing how to install Intense Debate on your blog and then some options that can be customized. Also we will be seeing how to enable IntenseDebate Comments on the Mobile Version of the blog


Video Tutorial

Steps by Step Guide
1. Go to  and either Sign Up if you are new or Login if you already have a account.

Intense Debate Home Page

2. Once logged in you will be in the Dashboard , Here in the Menu above , select Sites option and then select Add blog/site option

Add New Site in Intense Debate

3. Now enter the URL of your blog and proceed further

Enter URL of website for intense debate

4.  Here you will be asked to upload the template of your blog. To do so you will need  Go to Template tab in your blog , there in the Upper Right corner you will see a Backup/Restore option , in it there will be option to download the template . Now coming back to the IntenseDebate site , upload the downloaded copy and proceed further

Upload template to intense debate
download template from blogger

5. Now you will be presented with the code which you have to put inplace of the current template . To do that go to Templates > Edit HTML and then paste all code their and Save

copy whole template from blogger

Blogger Edit HTML

6. This will install IntenseDebate Comments and you will start seeing them inplace of the default commenting system


To checkout the various options available , in the Dashboard ,select your blog’s name from the Sites Dropdown Menu
select your site from dashboard

Comments Settings

It contains all the options related to type of login that you allow , like the Facebook login , Twitter login ,etc . Also there are options for enabling Subscribing to the comments , threaded comments , voting on each comments , etc.

comment settings for Intensedebate comments

Layout Settings

This contains options for changing the Thumbnail size of pictures and basic styling of the Reply button
Layout settings IntenseDebate comments

This is one of the biggest reason why people shift to Intense Debate . It allows installing custom plugins in the Commenting system itself. The most used one is the Comment Luv plugin . Other plugins  like ReTweet button for each comment and PollDaddy polls are also available.

Plugin menu intensedebate

Enabling it on Mobile Device
After installing IntenseDebate I witnessed that the Mobile version of the blog still showed the Blogger commenting system . To overcome this I came with a simple solution. Go to Template > Click the Gears Icon under the Mobile View of the Blog and in the template select the Custom option . This is will enable IntenseDebate on mobile devices as well

Mobile Demo

mobile template select for blogger new dashboard
Hope this tutorial helps you in installing Intense Debate on Blogger , If you are using a highly customized template then these steps might fail to work , In that case I would be glad to help you setting it up on your blog .

38 Replies to “Installing IntenseDebate Comments in Blogger”

  1. Thanks for the valuable info, Prayag!
    Do you mean to say that installing this plugin will enable the comments on Facebook and other social networking sites also to appear on the blog?
    I am sorry if I sound too stupid (I do not do it intentionally, of course but I cant seem to help it as well!!)
    I am a freelance writer with no technical background and I set up my blog recently. Am always on the lookout for tips to improve my blog and blogging skills. Will you please reply?

    1. Hi again Ambika
      Here FB and Twitter Login doesn't mean that comments from Facebook and other social network will appear on the blog. It means that people with accounts on these social network will be able to comment on your blog without needing to have a Google account (Which is a requirement for Blogger comments ). In simple words ,they will be able to use their social network accounts for commenting on your blog

  2. Disqus has Comment syc between Blogger and Disqus.Once we remove Disqus all comment will available on Blogger comments.IntenseDebate lack this feature but it has Commentluv , you will get more comments than Disqus because of Dofollow

    1. Hi Sibin
      I am looking for that functionality for a long time ( Blogger – Disqus Sync). Is there any tutorial for that , Please share a link here

      You said that right , due to the CommentLuv , there is more chances of getting comments on IntenseDebate

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial Prayag… I implemented it already… But just like SIBIN XAVIER said, the only thing ID lacks is Sync between Blogger's Existing comments and the ID Comments… If they work on it, im sure ID will be used everywhere… Now i plan to change to Disqus because of the lack of feature… Thanks anyway for this tutorial… As usual it is best for beginners…

    1. Hi Em Ji Madhu

      It is one of the plus points that Disqus has the Sync option but I suggest to refrain from migrating from one comment system to another as Google is now able to index Comments from Disqus , ID and others . So removing comment will only lead to bad effects on the SERPS as technically you are removing content from a page

    2. Thank you so much again Prayag… Just tell me now, First i installed Disqus and i got 1000 of comments… But i mistakenly changed to ID now, Just a blind hope… So tell me, can i implement disqus again or stick with ID… Thanks in advance…

    3. I suggest you should switch back to Disqus . It will have dual benefits , firstly there will be no SERP lose as mentioned above and visitors will not think your blog is a ghost town

    1. Hi Zareen
      There will be no effect on your blog in any way , by choosing either Disqus or Intense Debate. Their rankings and PR are only effective in their site and no Search engines prefers any one of them over the other .

      Choosing a service is wholly dependent on you , it should be according to your needs.

  4. Thank you. I've been looking for a way to show Intensedebate on mobiles. The problem I've had is that when someone comments with the Blogger system from their phone is that Intensedebate will then not show up on that post anymore at all. Now it's perfect. hank you again.

  5. I've been using Intensedebate for a few months and used the custom mobile setting and it worked just fine. Last week I noticed that when I try to read one of my blogposts on my phone, it goes to the next post when I start scrolling instead of going to the end of the post. This doesn't happen with the other mobile themes, only the custom setting. DO you have any idea why this might happen? Thank you.

  6. hello, can you help me out!

    when some comments on my blog, I can check comments only in intensedebate account.
    It won't appear in my blogger panel, why so?
    how to make it to appear in blogger dashboard, pls help me!!

  7. Hi Prayag, Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. I have a few queries and hoping that you will help me.
    – I have checked (login via facebook) but it doesnt appear.
    – It asks to comment as intense debate or wordpress (doesnt give the option of google, openid).
    – Just curious why is it you have not installed this or may be gone back to blogger style?
    Pls let me know. Thanks,Preethi

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