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  1. I like the color of the template.For me it is more of a feminine template.You are a good designer .I am sure there will be some of us who will use this template.

  2. thanks for this! though I'm not yet confident to change or adjust my template to a different one. I'm afraid it wouldn't turn out right or how I expect it to be.

  3. hi! great template, great work!
    i see it as tutorial but i cant find the way to make the ''attractive post title''.. i can't figure the way in the ccs code! i set my image as background in article header tltle or in article header but always there is some problem.
    could you help me how to solve it?

    sry about my bad english.

  4. First, I love the look of this template! Perfect for what I am trying to accomplish.
    I'm having a few issues with the customization:
    In Template Designer, it won't allow me to make changes to the layout. It is grayed out and says, "not applicable for this template"
    I make adjustments to the width, save it and it gives the message that it saved but, there is no change when I view my blog.
    I have added pages in dashboard but they do not show up on my blog. When I go to that section of the dashboard, it says "don't show" pages. I manually change to "top tabs" and save, then it changes to "side tabs"
    I'm not sure how to fix this – I have a friend who uses the same template and all her pages show up on her blog. If I need to start over, I guess I can do that but, I'd like to know if there might be something simple I'm missing.


  5. Vowww…Your blog looks super fantastic! I could not take my eyes of it and read your content:) Do you also design and sell custom made original templates?

  6. I tried to download the template but I received following xml error:SyntaxError) : Unexpected token < Any Idea?
    By the way, I could hardly find your demo and download buttons, they look so white and so invisible…Anyway, I think you are not a wannabe, already a designer and a very good one.

  7. Hi Prayag,

    Actually I love this template, but unfortunately I can't get the beautiful color as your template demo, only black and white. Could you give me advice for this matter ?
    Hope you answer my message because I need your help to make up my blog.

    Thank you before Prayag.


  8. i use this template (Elite Classic) but not work …
    my template still black white ….
    and added the css, but same still black white …
    please help me

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