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Creating a Discussion Page for your Blog/Website is a good way to let your readers interact with each other. Continuing from my recent post about embedding Vanilla Forum into Blogger ,I would be discussing how easy it is to make and then embed a Google Group into your Blog. Two of its biggest win over the previous tutorial is that it has no hosting issues and Bandwidth limitations. It might not be a classic Forum software ,but its simplicity & easy of use are its major advantages. One of its other plus point is it mail alert feature which keep you informed with whats happening in the group on the real time basis (Surprisingly many of the best known Forum Software lack this baic feature ).

See Demo

Add it into your Blog 

1. Go to groups.google.com/groups/create and fill in the necessary details and Click on Create my group button.

2. Then you will be asked to Add people to the group.

3. Now you change appearance and various other things by going to the Settings menu.

4. Now comes the embedding part , paste the following code into a Static Page

<iframe id="forum_embed" 

<script type="text/javascript"> 
 document.getElementById("forum_embed").src = 

Change the forum-name (Line 11) to the name you gave while creating it.

Check out the following Website for In-depth Review of Google Groups.

See Demo

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  1. I love your blog, lots of great information for those of us with blogs on Blogger. I had a couple groups on Google but my big problem with the groups is that people were posting a lot of adult content. It got way out of control and I had it set to everyone not for over 18. I had to report so many people it got crazy. The last thing I wanted is somebody underage to view my group and see dirty pictures!

  2. Very use full post for Blogger users.
    as well as love your blog template,
    can i have this one? i shall be very very thanks full to you and happy if you can give me this beautiful template please.


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