Official Blogger Contact Form Gadget Released

Blogger Contact Form

Word about Google working on a official Contact Form gadget started to go around when many Blogger developers start to encounter some code in the Blogger hosted CSS and JavaScript files which clearly indicated that a Official Contact Form gadget was on the way. Finally today after a long wait of 14 years , Blogger has released the new Contact Form gadget which will surely ring a death knell for third party contact form providers

How To Add It 

1. Go to the Layout Tab of your Blog

layout tab

2. Click the Add a Gadget button

add a gadget

3. Click on More Gadgets

gadget menu

4. Click on the Contact Form Gadget

configure contact form

5. Give it a appropriate title and Save it

Its Features

contact form example

> Sending simple text messages
> No Support for attachments ( Will be likely added in the future )
> Custom CSS Styles can be added easily
> All code is escaped before sending ( Cannot send any HTML via the message )

This new gadget release comes with the recent updates announced Google I/O 2013 and it looks like Blogger is still a integral part of the Google’s Product line.