Sharing Links using Visibli


Sharing is the most fundamental act which drives traffic to blogs. The only beneficiary in this process is the content being shared and not the person sharing it. It would be so much better if the person sharing it would also get the due credit. This is exactly what Visibli does. It creates links with a fixed bar present on the top of the content, something similar to Digg and StumbleUpon. That bar can include a loads of things including Links, Like button ,Tweet button, RSS Feed tickers, to name a few. It also has some really interesting options which can make you a shareaholic by heart. Lets dig in.

Come again What’s Visibli ?

In its own words

Visibli is a Social Marketing and Analytics platform that helps you optimize your social media engagement.

In simple words, it provides detailed statistics including number of clicks each link receives giving you insights about what your audience like the most and helping you in optimizing and streamlining your engagement with them. About the bar , its officially called Engagement Bar™ and fulfills a really basic need in a really innovative way.

Is it free ?

Oh Yes and all the features that I am going to discuss are available for free use. There is a Paid version also but that just goes over the top, only for those that are like very deep into Social Media.

How to get started started

1. Go to and Login (In case you have not registered then register firstly either using Facebook or Twitter account)

Visibli Connect using Facebook

2. In this example I am using the Facebook Login option , after I Click the Sign In with Facebook button and give all the necessary Permissions , I am redirected to the main settings page of my account.

Visibli Engagement Bar Settings

3. For starters ,we will checkout the Customize Your Bar option

Visibli Engagement Bar Themes and Widgets

4. Now a array of options will appear to choose from. Firstly select a general format like for Bloggers or Agencies ,etc and then choose the widgets to include in it. Lets choose the Bloggers Bar

Visibli Customizing the bar

5. Now comes the part about choosing the widgets to be included in the bar , firstly the Link to your blog , hover over the Name and click the Edit option. Now enter your URL

6. For inserting any widget from the gallery , just drag it to your Bar. When you are Done just click the Save and Continue button and you will be redirected back to your main Settings page.

Visibli Options

7. Now comes the task of linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The reason being so that you don’t have to come back again and again to convert your URL. So from Now onwards ,whenever a URL is posted on your Twitter account , it will automatically contain the Engagement Bar beforehand.

Visibli Social Settings

8. We will be connecting the Twitter Account in the example , Under the Social Settings click the Connect Twitter Account option and you will be redirected to a page to Authorize the App. Now your Twitter account is connected. Now you will be presented with options like whether to Change links from services like Foursquare ,etc and also whether you want the bar to appear in the first place or just want the statistics. Save after you are done. Now all links (expect ones present in tweet beginning with @ ) will have this Bar in them and a custom URL.

Visibli social settings advanced

9. Now you are all set and start sharing !!

Some Other options


Visibli Analytics

One of the Core functionalities provided by Visibli , it keeps tracks of all the links shared via Visibli (And the Connected Social Networks) and also provides the number of clicks each of these receives . It also has some other interesting features like Top Reshared and Real-Time stats. To access it ,go to Analytics Tab present in the Top Menu

Connect your account

Visibli Bit.Ly settings

In case you want all your URLs turned into short URL , you can directly connect your account with Visibli . To do that just go to the following URL and enter your Bit.Ly login and Bit.Ly API Key (In case you don’t know them , refer this )

Similarly you can connect Visibli directly with Tweetdeck and Seismic

Autopost Tweets to Facebook

Autopost tweets to Facebook

The normal option to post Tweets to Facebook (present in FB settings ) will cause problem of double posting , To solve that go to Twitter to Facebook option and select the Facebook page to post your Tweets to.


Visibli Bookmarklet

There is also a option for adding the Link converter to your Bookmark Bar in Chrome, making converting links while surfing easier. To do the same go to this page and drag the Bookmarklet into your bookmark bar.

Websites/Blogs External Links

Visibli Websites/Blogs Settings page

This is by far the most interesting feature . The ability to make all the external links in your blog to open in these bar windows. To access this option go to the Websites/Blogs option in the Tools Menu

In this the biggest plus is the ability to make the Custom Link URL into ones that are hosted on your Blog (like ) just by adding a DNS record. This is possible for Custom Domains on Blogger only. The implication of this small option are very far reaching. Not only will the person checking out the link will see the Engagement Bar but in a way will also be contributing in increasing your Alexa Rank and if by chance the person links , then it will be your site that will get the benefit.

Hope you found this Tool useful, In case you have any problems implementing it then feel free to ask in comments below or you can even contact Visibli via Twitter (They are very responsive )

How To Introduce An Achievement Program On Your Blog

PunchTab Achievement Program LogoA couple of months back I did a guest post on How To Introduce A Free Loyalty Program On Your Blog on Spice Up Your Blog . PunchTab ,the company responsible for it has now come up with a new product called the Achievement Program. Rather than awarding coupons to users for showing their Loyalty (a.k.a. Liking ,+1’ing ,etc ) , it focuses on giving users Social Rewards to drive behavior. Users unlock badges for visiting, liking, tweeting, +1’ing, sharing or commenting. This creates a healthy competition between users to earn more and more badges and achievements ,in the process promoting your content.

In this post we will be discussing the following:

– How the Achievement Program Works
– How to integrate it into your Blog
– Some things to NoteHow it WorksIt requires the user to authenticate using Facebook Connect. After that they can start earning Badges for the following activities:

Visiting – for their first visit they get the Bike Badge and these are followed by other badges in the category
Liking – for their first Like on your site users will get the Smiley Badge
Tweeting – for their first Tweet on your users will get the Budding Badge
+1’ing – for their first Google +1 on your site users will get the Tuned In Badge
Commenting – for their first comment users will get the Megaphone Badge

There are two secret badges which are awarded when you become really active on the specific blog/website

How Do I integrate it into my Blog
1. Go to Punchtab and register yourself there if you haven’t and then Login to your account , you will be redirected to the Dashboard

PunchTab Dashboard

2. Now click the Achievement Program in the main menu above and then you will be asked to choose your platform

choose blogging platform

3. Now click on the Blogger Icon and then you will be asked where would like the Badges to be positioned on your blog.

position of PunchTab badges

4. After choosing the position ,click the Install Achievement Program button below it and you will be asked to install its widget in your blog

Install PunchTab widget on your Blog

5. After successfully installing the widget, you will see the Badges banner in the position you selected before.

Become a member of punchtab badges

6. Now click this Badges banner and register yourself through Facebook. Now you are ready to earn some badges

Some things to Note

  • Currently there is no Leaderboard for the Achievements you earned so you will just see how many badges you have earned and not how many others have earned.
  • You can run this exclusively on your blog or with the Loyalty program. Even though this will cause two notifications to appear together when you do a action. In my opinion a integration of both these programs would be a step forward in the right direction
  • In the near future PunchTab will add support for customized badges which will allow you to award them for actions define by you like following ,voting, etc
  • Placing the Badges in the top of your blog ,irrespective of whether it is right or left, sometimes causes problems of the posts being pushed up my a little. See the screenshot below

    Header slides up on installing punchtab Badges on the top

  • The problem about +1 still exist , so if you Un +1 any content and +1 again , then you will be given a badge for it
  • The number of badges currently for offer are measly and doesn’t really provide a rush in the users mind to respond to the call of action immediately . It would only take 3 days to earn all the badges in the +1’ing ,Tweeting, Liking, Visiting and Commenting category.
  • Blogger comments are supported but this feature became non-functional after the release of the Threaded Comments
  • Repositioning Badges other than their default position is a near impossible as moving them with CSS causes the whole container to shift which takes some part of the badges-won window out of the screen. See the screenshot below to get a idea of what I am talking about.

    Punchtab badges cannot be repositioned

  • None the less , its still in development and we expect that a lot of new features to be arriving soon enough

Announcement : I have introduced Badges on Stylify Your Blog , so you can also earn them by +1’ing ,liking ,tweeting and visiting. Make sure to claim your badges by doing these actions. Also from now on they will only load on Post pages in a bid to make SYB faster and also because only here does the real action (+1,Like,Tweet) happens.

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