20 Great Resources for Blogger Users

20 great resources for blogger users

If you just getting started with Blogger platform , these are some great blogs to include in your reading list. Each one of them is full of unique tutorials and pro tips that can keep you hooked for days together. Every blog in the list has a different focus , with some focussing on Tips and Tricks while other writing about Widget Creation and Tutorials. Nonetheless each resource is full of quality stuff that will help you with various aspects Blogger platform

1. Spice Up Your Blog

spice up your blog

Has one of the biggest collection of Tutorials , Tips and Widgets. Established in mid-2009 , it has been going strong since then with updates being posted on a weekly or daily basis.

2. Way2Blogging

way 2 blogging

Best resource for Widgets and Templates. Updates are arbitrary in nature but each and every one of them is of highest quality

3. Blogger Plugins

blogger widgets

One of the Oldest blog dedicated to Blogger known for its Blogger API widgets and In-depth Tutorials.

4. Blogger Sentral

blogger sentral

It has some of the best tutorials related to integrating various services into Blogger. Also known for its simplicity and directness .

5. Blogger Buster

blogger buster

The oldest resource dedicated to Blogger with the best tutorials , tips and templates. Founded in late 2006 its been updated since then on a regular basis.

6. Blogger Items

blogger items

New to Blogger but known for its unique and awesome Widgets which can’t be found anywhere else on the internet.

7. The Real Blogger Status

the real blogger status

Keeps you up to date with all the latest happening in the Blogger Forum and Blogger as a whole. Updated on a daily basis

8. Simplex Design

simplex design

A source for Blogger tutorials and Tips

9. Mayura4Ever

mayura 4 ever

Relatively new but covers up that with its in-depth tutorial and simplicity

10. My Blogger Tricks

my blogger tricks

Most Active among all , its updated daily and is full of Tutorials , tips and Tricks for Blogger as well as Smart money making techniques

11. Abu Farhan

abu farhan

Its one of the earliest resources for Blogger, even though its not updated much now still the tutorials available in it are useful till today

12. Blogger Xpertise

blogger xpertise

Fairly new resource but the tutorials and tips are covered in it are downright awesome and useful to say the least

13. 54Blogger

54 blogger

A mix of Blogger Tutorials and Web Design Tips. Each tutorial provides a new insight and has freshness to it. Not updated much these days.

14. Blogger Bin

blogger bin

New on the block , but the variety and quality of tutorials and tips is really professional.

15. Nymphont


Updated arbitrarily but the Templates created by them are a class apart

16. Helper Blogger

helper for blogger

Just 9 months old but the tutorials and tips are really great

17. Southern Speakers

southern speakers

One of the biggest resource for Blogger Dynamic View tutorials and tricks

18. My Blogger Lab

my blogger lab

Creates amazing widgets for Blogger as well as occasional tips and tricks related to blogging

19. Bloggerzbible

bloggerz bible

Creates templates which have unmatched quality and also shares Tips and Tutorials

20. Stylify Your Blog ( us !)

stylify Your blog

Hope you found these blogs useful. There are so many quality resources out there , that I might have missed some , so feel free to share them in the comments below so that I can expand this list .

44 Replies to “20 Great Resources for Blogger Users”

    1. Hi Nirmal Sekar ,firstly thanks for the comment

      The reason why I shared them is that even though they may be my competitors but they too share amazing stuff related to Blogger. And I don't want my readers to not know about the cool stuff about Blogger being shared on the web.

    1. Hi Danial again , firstly Thanks for your support

      About the request you made via FB about the tutorial about the Widget Generator , I will make one for you in the coming 1-2 days

  1. Thats very brave of you ! Posting about details on blogs which are a competition to you is no joke.It can easily snatch the traffic from your blog. The only advice i can give is BE CAREFUL !!

    1. Hi Tanmay
      You might be right in some context but I don't want my readers to not know of awesome sources for Blogger related stuff. I have myself learnt stuff from these people and thought that this would be a fitting tribute.

  2. Great list of up to date Blogger resources. I already knew about a few of the ones on your list, but I learned about a few others. Thanks! These will all be useful as I fine tune my blog to get it exactly the way I want it.

  3. Oh, and for those who are saying they are the "competitors" I don't see it that way. Web content depends on content. It is impossible to be the one stop resource for everything. By growing and creating a community you will establish trust and show that you are interested in helping people, not just a website that is after hits and clicks.

  4. Hi Prayag,

    Thank you so much for the mention mate 🙂 I don't know about mine, but readers may know.

    Anyway you have done a good research on the topic and as I go through I've seen unique features on each. Nice description though. Glad I could find more useful resources too.


  5. Excellent round up here. I have a few Blogger blogs. A couple of them have been going for a long while and get pretty good traffic. For a while, I have been thinking that I should transfer them over to WordPress.

    But Blogger is becoming much more customizable, as these sites attest. So it's probably worth staying with the platform.

  6. Thanks for the great collection of blogs, I'm already subscribed to a few of them. I liked your blog too and found some helpful resources. Thanks again 🙂

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