20 awesome WebFonts

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Fonts are a integral part of a website. With industry wide adoption of @font-face ,WebFonts are the biggest thing today. From paid to free ones, nearly ever site has one.This is a showcase of 20 awesome fonts from Google’s WebFont gallery. They are absolutely free to use and also easy to integrate into blogs/websites.

1. Amaranath

2. Arvo

3. Bangers

4. Chewy

5. Coming Soon


7. Damion

8. Droid Serif

9. Kreon

10. Leckerli One

11. Lobster

12. Mate SC

13. Nobile

14. Nova Slim

15. Nunito

16. Open Sans

17. Oswald

18. Pacifico

19. Salsa

20. Volkhov

Any amazing font that I missed ? Feel free to share them in the comments

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    1. Just embed any font you like, after the <head> tag,
      Like for example if you like the Salsa font,then go to Google Webfonts and get the following code:

      <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Salsa&#39; rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' />

      After that in between the b:skin tags,add the following CSS

      If you want all text to be this font then add
      .body {font-family:Salsa !important;}

      If you want like only H2 tag then add
      h2 {font-family:Salsa !important;}

      similarly you can apply it to different elements….

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